Revwiretech explains what pop-up blockers are and their uses?

We all want to browse effortlessly without any hindrances such as the abrupt ads popping up or an interim browser issue disrupting your work. If the work has to go on, you need to eradicate all the possibilities that stop you from having a seamless interface. One such hindrance is a pop-up which is an ad that randomly appears on your screen advertising about some product or service. Since this pop-up forms an obstacle, it is essential to have a pop-up blocker.   A pop-up blocker or a pop-up killer

Revwiretech suggests some tips on staying safe from ransom ware attacks

“Wannacry”, the most heard name from the past couple of days due to its massive cyber-attack on multi-national computing system has undoubtedly disrupted these countries’ crucial administration with its intimidating ransom. Although this is exclusively targeted on selective segments of administrative sectors on a large scale, experts are anticipating havoc on individuals’ personal computers as well which are installed with windows. Revwiretech , the technical big head warns the computer users against cyber-attacks and suggests them tips on preventing such attacks and using the gadgets safely. Install a good software

How to maintain a computer for optimal performance?

It is not an exaggeration to say that every household has a computer in developed and developing nations. The way computers simplify human’s life is the profound reason for the extensive adaptation of this gadget. Computers are equally infamous for breaking down as they are popular for simplifying life. Catering to the emphasis on computers, it is important to maintain the gadgets to enable them give us an enhanced performance for an enduring time period. Since their longevity is in our hands, it is essential that we take all the

5 Reasons to Understand Why Laptops are Better than Tablets:

It is apparent that change drives the world. However, not all changes are adapted the same way. But the way technology has been accepted by the world is phenomenal as it paces up the human life and simplifies human effort in every walk. Such is the case with computing technology. After Charles Babbage has invented the initial computer in 1822 which was so huge in size, the machine underwent many transformations in these couple of centuries in terms of computing capacity and size. The journey of the gadget from a